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North American Electronics Business Growth Continues

 Release time:2018-01-25 09:09:32

          Based on three-month rolling averages, year-on-year growth in North American sales of semiconductors and printed FPC boards (PCBs) continued to climb as of November 2017. (Quick turn around PCB)Sales growth for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) held steady and remained strong.
          Another leading indicator, IPC’s PCB book-to-bill ratio, is based on three-month rolling averages of orders and sales, and normally leads industry sales by three to nine months. The ratio has been in positive territory for the past 10 consecutive months, driven mainly by growth in orders. The book-to-bill ratio remains strong at 1.09 as of November 2017. Ratios above parity (1.00) indicate greater demand than supply, (Quick turn around PCB)which may be a precursor of sales growth for electronics manufacturers, especially when a run of positive ratios over several months is seen.
          The U.S. Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), which tends to lead industry sales by two to six months, decreased slightly in November but has been trending upward over the past year and remains solidly positive (above 50). The 3/12 rate of change for U.S. new orders for electronic products, (Quick turn around PCB)which leads industry sales by one to three months, also continued to grow and remains positive.