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CS SHOW 2016 Gathers Leading PCB Manufacturers in Greater China

 Release time:2016-07-07 09:09:32

          With the ongoing high density, integration and reliability trends in the electronics industry, PCB as one of the most important components of electronics products is playing an increasingly important role in the industry. (Quick turn around PCB)NanoDimension, a leading US 3D printing player, has explored ways to integrate 3D printing with customized versatile PCB so as to print out ready-to-use PCBs within several hours without any additional processing. It might be an incremental step only taken by one company, NanoDimension, but it may well represent a huge step forward for the whole PCB industry.
          The industry has been encouraged by repeated good news over time as PCB businesses in China (Quick turn around PCB)and Asia at large are thriving. To help exhibitors and visitors understand the latest technologies, methodologies, and materials concerning PCB design and manufacturing as well as promote PCB industry upgrade in China, Reed Exhibitions is working together with Shenzhen Printed FPC Association, TPCA, and CCPITECC to launch CS SHOW 2016 at Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center from 30 August to 1 September. As the only industry fair that focuses on PCB/FPC procurement.
          The PCB sector is maintaining its good momentum in Asia. In Korea and Japan, the PCB sector is undergoing a readjustment period. In the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, the PCB sector is thriving. Particularly in Taiwan, thanks to a long technological tradition, the PCB sector is doing well. With the demands in the Chinese mainland for smartphones, tablets, and brand name computers still strong, Taiwan’s PCB industry represents 30.2% global market shares against a backdrop of sluggish manufacturing in the world. The Taiwan PCB suppliers are making good money. In the Chinese mainland, the PCB sector has started off a bit late but (Quick turn around PCB)has seen an explosive growth period when numerous PCB players has risen in China as representatives of Made in China.
         At CS SHOW 2016, PCB players in Greater China will show off innovative PCB materials and devices that feature smart and green technologies. Among the confirmed several hundred PCB players in Greater China are AskPCB, Fastprint, Kinwong, Chaohua Tech, Bomin Electronics, Suntak, Wuzhou FPCs, CRE Semiconductor, Multilayer PCB Technology, HS, APC, T&K, HT, and Unitech. With the event approaching soon, more players are coming too. Overall, (Quick turn around PCB)the number of exhibitors will increase by 50% over CS SHOW 2015 to cover even more extensive sectors. The best PCB players come to show off their best in a joint effort to promote industry exchange and drive industry upgrade in China as well as enhance Chinese players’ competitiveness in the global market.